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    Arts and Crafts Bathroom Decorating On a Budget

    Published By: Balinda Houston  -  Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Craftsman BathroomAn Arts and Crafts design or remodel of a bathroom can sometimes involve lots of custom tilework, floor upgrades, and other pricey luxuries, but it isn't the only way to go if you're looking to add a touch of this elegant style to your home. As long as you know what accents to add to capture the essence of the style, you can create an Arts and Crafts bathroom on a budget.

    Understanding the basics of Arts and Crafts design and iconography will help you remake a bathroom to fit the style in a weekend or less. If if you have a budget of only a few hundred dollars, you can soon have a bath that will fit the style of the rest of your home or stands as a model for the direction of the redesign. If you are on a budget, the following are some ways that you can add Arts and Crafts to your bathroom.

    Painting Period-appropriate:
    One of the simplest ways that you could add Arts and Crafts to the bathroom is through a new paint job. Since budgetary restrictions are likely to make most of your additions subtle, this is a great place for you to stick to the style's basic, well-known colors to truly set the tone in a huge way. Soft neutrals such as sand or stone are perfect colors to pair with earth-tones like straw, fern, or cocoa.

    Do you have wood cabinets in your bath? Then you should consider staining them to an Arts and Crafts appropriate hue. Golden oak, redwood, and mahogany are perfect choices for this kind of stain and you should avoid light wood tones such as birch or painted wood, as they aren't ideal for the style.

    Use Art as an Accent:
    While wall space in a bath is not typically plentiful, even a small room is able to benefit from simple artistic touches. Arts and Crafts art tiles are perfect for a bath, as they are ceramic and unlikely to suffer water damage the way paintings or prints do. Framed or placed on stands on the vanity, these can add a perfect touch of sophistication all while clearly reinforcing the style.

    Include Arts and Crafts Iconography:
    One of the hallmarks of Arts and Crafts design is the use of iconography. Certain designs are forever linked to the style all due to the early influence of major graphic designers like William Morris. These iconic designs are usually either plants or animals, drawn in an elongated, simplified form that makes them instantly recognizable and elegant. Popular style icons include poppies, pine cones , roses, and ravens.

    Incorporating these icons into your bathroom will allow you a multitude of options. You can always add a wallpaper border or frieze featuring one of the icons, have them embroidered onto towels and other bathroom linens, find a bathmat or shower curtain that includes the designs, or even hand-stencil them onto walls if you want an inexpensive, DIY option.

    The Extras of a Formal Arts and Crafts Table

    Published By: Balinda Houston  -  Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    Table SettingWhile the basics formal dining settings are utilitarian- dishware, flatware, and glassware- the extra touches are what take a dining room from every day to amazing. Getting the basics right is important when creating a highly memorable, elegant formal Arts and Crafts setting for a fancy meal or holiday, but much of it is also in details.

    Understanding the principles of the Arts and Crafts style is imperative when choosing décor and extra touches for a formal dining setting in the style. A focus that honors the spirit of the design aesthetic allows you to create settings that are both budget-friendly and more or less period-appropriate. The following are some finishing touches necessary for a beautiful Arts and Crafts table setting.

    The word “linens" is quite appropriate in this context, because linen is one of the best fabrics to use for formal Arts and Crafts tables. Linen table runners and napkins are usually preferred over full tablecloths, as they allow your to show off the beautiful craftsmanship of your table. If you boast a lovely wooden or copper-topped table, runners are a must.

    On the same hand, cloth napkins are the norm for a formal Arts and Crafts dinner. You can choose them to match the table runners in fabric or color, but they can also be a nice way to add contrast or a little embellishment to the table. Think about using cotton napkins or embroidered linens featuring classic Arts and Crafts motifs like dragonflies, roses, or poppies. If you want to add some textural contrast, you can't go wrong with a wooden or copper napkin ring.

    Modern electric lighting was just starting to become popular when the Arts and Crafts period hit its peak in the early 20th century. In a style that is all about the natural world and craftsmanship, does electricity really seem appropriate? If you're plan on using electric lights, consider installing a dimmer in order to soften the light throughout the room.

    If you would rather let go of electricity and instead want something more authentic, lanterns and candles are ideal choices. Candlesticks are pretty easy to find at second-hand and antique stores, and they can also frequently be bought from local craftsmen. Look for copper, wood, or cast iron candlesticks if you want the most authentic options.

    Lanterns are another great, rustic-inspired choice for lighting a formal Arts and Crafts table, and they can even double as centerpieces or accents on serving tables. Lanterns made from ceramic materials, wood, or copper, with simple glass panes are the way to go. If fire danger is a concern, LED candles, ideally those that can flicker realistically to mimic live flame, may be used as a substitute.

    Floral centerpieces are definitely an great options for formal Arts and Crafts dinner settings. However, arrangements need to stick to the stylistic ideal of simple beauty. When it comes to this style, elaborate, enormous arrangements featuring all manner of additions are just over the top. Instead, you should to use a beautiful ceramic vase that is filled with native flora or wildflowers.

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